> IIES 2008  

First Workshop on Isolation and Integration in Embedded Systems
(IIES 2008)

April 1st, 2008
EuroSys 2008 Affiliated Workshop
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Sponsored by ACM SIGOPS

Embedded systems developers today are confronted with a large variety of challenges in the design and implementation of a system. Issues such as co-location of diffent applications, platform integration of diffent embedded operating environments as well as safety and protection of embedded software systems require novel approaches to embedded systems development as well as the adaptation of technologies from mainframe and desktop computing, like virtualization and emulation. This, in turn, will change traditional embedded design processes to include hardware and software of growing complexity.

This workshop aims at a lively discussion of these novel approaches in isolation and integration of embedded systems and the associated challenges and prospects.


19-Sep-08 Slide sets of the IIES presentations have been posted.
01-Mar-08 Eight papers out of 16 submissions were accepted for presentation at IIES. The final program will follow soon.
11-Dec-07 The workshop is accepted for EuroSys 2008, the web site is up and running!
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