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Workshop Program

09:00-09:30Welcome and Introduction
09:30-10:30Session 1: Communication and Synchronization
Matthieu Lemerre, Vincent David and Guy Vidal-Naquet
A communication mechanism for resource isolation (presentation slides (pdf))
Philippe Stellwag, Daniel Lohmann and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat
An Asynchronous Nonblocking Coordination and Synchronization Protocol for a Parallel Robotic Control Kernel (presentation slides (pdf))
11:00-12:30Session 2: Isolation in Embedded Systems
Adam Lackorzynski and Alexander Warg
Taming Subsystems - Capabilities as Universal Resource Access Control in L4 (presentation slides (pdf))
Silviu Craciunas, Christoph Kirsch, Hannes Payer, Harald Roeck and Ana Sokolova
Programmable Temporal Isolation in Real-Time and Embedded Execution Environments (presentation slides (pdf))
14:00-15:30Session 3: Optimization and Language Issues
Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale and Ihor Kuz
Towards automatic optimisation of componentised systems (presentation slides (pdf))
Pedro J. Clemente, José Conejero, Juan Hernández and Lara Sanchez
HAAIS-DSL: DSL to develop Home Automation and Ambient Intelligence Systems (presentation slides (pdf))

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